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These days taking selfies and updating in social media became very common. To post one selfie, people click 20 to 30 selfies with different face postures. If you are also in that list, then here is the news for you from psychologists.



About two billion photos are being uploaded to social media sites like Face book, Instagram, Flicker, Snap chat, and WhatsApp every day. In that millions of them are found to be selfies.

Germany and Poland psychologists conducted research over 1,200 men and women. It is revealed that for every 350 selfies taken by men or women, up to 100 are relfies (taken with relationship partner) and up to 200 are group selfies with friends. The study says, men and women who are obsessed with self-doubt are no more or less likely to share selfies.




Dr Yusuf Matcheswala, head of department at PD Hinduja Hospital says that, taking too many selfies and posting it on social media daily will lead to mental disorderedness.

Constantly exposing your face to the light and radiation from smartphones may damage your skin, speed up ageing and promote wrinkles, dermatologists have warned.

Doctors can tell which hand a person holds their phone in just by looking at which side of the face is most damaged, they said. “Those who take a lot of selfies and bloggers should worry. Even the blue light we get from our screens can damage our skin,” said Simon Zoakei, Medical director of the Linia Skin Clinic in the UK.

Experts feel that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones ages skin by damaging the DNA. It can cause breaks in the DNA strand which can prevent skin repairing itself and place oxidative stress on cells, ultimately promoting wrinkles.

“You start to see dull dirty looking texture that you cannot identify on one side of the face,” said Zein Obagi, who founded the Obagi Skin health Institute in the US. “I think we need to create a defence mechanism, light has some sort of magnetic field that is altering the minerals in the skin. A sunscreen will not protect you,” said Obagi.


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