Ever Wondered Why The Time Is Always Set To 9:41 In Apple Ads? – Here’s Why



Well, Apple’s iphone 7 is about to come out this September. Ads are gonna come out and apple fans are freaking out to buy their fancy new toy.


But, have you noticed that the time in every single apple ad, whether it’s an iphone, ipad, ipod whatever, is set to 9:41.

Before I tell you why, here’s a fun fact. Before 2010, the time was used to be 9:42.

After 2010, it has been changed to 9:41.



Here’s why,


Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone” said Steve Jobs, 42 minutes  after the event started, in 2007. When he introduced the iphone, the iphone shown on the big picture behind him, showed the time 9:42.

From then, they design every keynote, so that the product will be unveiled exactly at 9:42.


But for no reason at all, they failed to show the first ipad at 9:42. It was shown one minute earlier at 9:41. From then, they decided to design the keynote, such that the product will be unveiled by 9:41, very accurate, instead of 9:42.

Now, if you go to the apple website, you could see that every product shows the time 9:41, even Macs.


The more you know…

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