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Alright, the summer days are over and another new semester is about to start. So, along with that starting-my-new-semester motivation, you need some gadgets (No, you’re not Batman) to help you with your sorrows throughout the semester and get out with flying colors.. LaLaLa!

So, here’s my list of tech that’s gonna help you.


1) A laptop


Well, obviously you need one to take notes and if you’re a Computer student, you need one to execute your programs. I mean, it’s not a must-have if you’re not a Computer student or you practice designing. But, having a laptop always comes in handy.

As a college student you don’t need a laptop of the size of a humpback whale. It has to be portable. So, prefer a notebook. My personal suggestions are Dell XPS 13, Macbook air 2015.

On the other hand, if you want a budget friendly notebook, you may go with Acer aspire e15 or Asus Transformer Book T100HA



2) Headphones


Of course, you need a nice pair of headphones. I personally prefer ‘noise cancelling headphones’(they allow me to ignore stupid people?)But some people don’t prefer them. So it’s up to you. But a good pair of headphones comes under the ‘must’ category of college tech.



3) External Hard drive


We’ve got music, movies and miscellaneous stuffs in Gigabytes. So, don’t let all those to compromise your laptop storage. Invest in an external hard disk. You’ll thank me later.



Try keeping your assignments and study materials in a cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive. I prefer Drive, because it provides 15 gigs of free storage while Dropbox only provide 2 gigs. By using a cloud storage, you could brag that you had never forgot even a single assignment, later on.



4) Power Bank


Last, but should’ve been the first, a Power Bank. Never run outta juice again. Because, ‘Battery low’ sucks, right? Hell yeah… When you’re using google maps to find your way, Or when you’re on an important call, Or when your crush texts you back(what else could be more important?!) you don’t want your phone to die.

So, buy a powerbank and avoid those sob stories.




There they are, my list of Back to College Tech.


 Use these to survive; Good luck!






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