6 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Never Be The President



In 2016 U.S! It came on as an absolute shocker to everyone in the world that Donald Trump became President. We all know that he claims to be a successful businessman (not really, you’ll find out why) but here are a few reasons why he should have never become the president.


1. He’s Extremely Narcissistic

He loves himself so much that he claims to be God’s gift to the entire world. You tell me, how can someone so cocky be successful as a President?

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2. He Thinks Of America As Business

We all know that he’s a businessman but that’s no reason to think of America as a business.

We need somebody who can take the brand of the United States and make it great again.

Excuse me but if you think a country is a brand, you need to get yourself checked!

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3. He’s Very Mean To His Competitors

He is known to have said very mean things about Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, his competitors. Not being a good sport about something speaks heaps about the person! There is really no need to play the role of a Mean Girl.



4. He Presents False Information!

He quoted that the current rate of unemployment in the U.S is 20% instead of the actual 5.6%. Quoting wrong economic details is unforgivable.



5. He’s Extremely Racist

He said that he thinks that the black people and the Latinos commit the most number of crimes in the U.S and that it would hence be sensible to drive them all out of the country for a temporary period of time. Who in their right mind would even say something that ridiculous?



6. He’s Simply Not Knowledgeable Enough

It’s true that he did his Bachelors in Economics at a renowned university but he has no knowledge whatsoever in other important fields such as science and math. A President should have a wide base of knowledge.



Where are all the talented and sensible politicians anymore? Please comment and let us know about what you think of this .

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