Twitterati’s Reaction Towards Anushka Sharma Scolding Man For Littering Streets Will Make You Re-think

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Most of the Indians mentality is like this….”We want a developed country but we don’t contribute anything to it, we litter on roads and throw dirt but government must appoint someone to clean our shit every now and then, we are proud of Indian culture but we follow western culture, we won’t pay taxes but government shoud give freebies to us, we vote for corrupted politician but we want justice, we keep on producing children and increase population but government must implement strict family planning committees to look this matter and decrease poverty, we throw plastic and dirt on rivers but government must clean it every now and then ”

And this list goes on…. As long as Indians carry this vulgar, awkward mentality nothing will happen. Even if Dharmaraja comes to rule also there will not be any change. If some celebrity promotes cool drinks ad, people drive crazy to buy. But if the same celebrity says don’t throw garbage on roads, then there will be much debate. Recently, Virat Kohli posted a video of his wife Anushka Sharma shaming a man who was throwing garbage on the streets.


The 29-year-old cricketer wrote, “Saw these people throwing garbage on the road & pulled them up rightfully. Traveling in a luxury car and brains went for a toss. Will these people keep our country clean? Yeah right! If you see something wrong happening like this, do the same & spread awareness.”

Its Kohli’s way of supporting Sharma as well as spreading awareness about keeping the place clean. However, when anyone says good, people will be ready to scold. And this video has received mixed reactions from people on social media. Some people supported the cricketer, whereas some called out Kohli for promoting ‘unhealthy’ products such as cold drinks. Here are some of the reactions the tweet garnered:


1. Just Because A Celebrity Is Promoting Some Product, You Need not Buy



2. Yes Indeed!


3. Attention Seeking



4. Yes, Its Time To Raise Voice


5. Yes, Its Everyone’s Responsibility


6. That’s What I Said About Indians Mentality In Opening Lines



In addition, What is your contribution towards society? Are you also in that dirty crowd who throws garbage on roads and turn public places to the toilet, vote for corrupt instead of NOTA? Will you throw garbage on roads when you go abroad? Obviously not, then why in India? The change will come if there are strict punishments for every crime but again if anyone does, people don’t vote them again. Because they want development but they won’t change their dirty stinking attitude. It is like we won’t do any work but the government should provide salary.

Furthermore, Do you think people will stop throwing waste around? Do you think people will change their attitude towards society? Will you contribute your best towards society? Will you bring new change by changing yourself in a good way that helps in-country progress? Share us in the comments. There are people like Afroz Shah who are trying to clean garbage and showing their contribution towards society. Read this.

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