Anshul Saxena Showed The Power Of Social Media To Expose People Who Makes Fun Of Our Soldiers

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There are always some deshdrohis in every country. It is a well-known fact that Britishers invaded India and looted our property. And Portuguese invaded Goa which now looks like a complete western country as it practices western culture even though it is part of India. After analyzing history, I understood that its traitors who gave chance to these people to invade and loot our country.

And these deshdrohis still exist in our country. The one punishment which is right for this kind of people is encountering them on the spot in public. Today In India, many atrocities are going on in the name of caste, religion and on the woman. It is because the Indian government failed to punish criminals brutally. In the king’s rule, people used to live in a disciplined manner as they fear of punishments. And this is what lacking today in India.

When the entire nation is mourning over recently martyred CRPF soldiers, few people started making fun of the attack on India’s Bravehearts. The beauty of democracy is, people are kings. The government may forget to punish but people don’t forgive. If you want to know the power of the common man, then you should definitely know about Anshul Saxena.


Of course, if you are following the updates of Pulwama attack, then Anshul Saxena is not an unknown name for you. He has become a nightmare for people who are making fun of the attack on India’s Bravehearts.


This self-proclaimed news junkie is a political commentator with a verified Twitter account and is interested in politics, foreign affairs, and national security.

With 268k followers on Twitter, his posts get good reach and users read, comment and share his posts quite often.

He asked people to send the links of those showing their true colors by making fun of our soldiers who were martyred in terror blast.

Anshul started finding people who were cherishing the attack on our martyred soldiers and with some help from cyber police, he targeted them over social media.


And what happened next was worth appreciating!

The persons who mocked our soldiers got arrested and lost their jobs following Anshul’s complaint. People who are following him on social media started sharing about such wrongdoers. It is because of Anshul, many of such masked terrorists have lost their jobs and are paying for their sins.

Here are some of them who got punished.

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2. Iqbal Akhoon Made Fun Of CRPF Jawans -German Remedies Quickly Suspended Him From Job



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