Various Reasons Why India Never Occupied PoK Will Make You Think


India never invaded any country because it always wants to maintain peace with everyone. But India always defended itself when any country tries to invade or wage war.

If you observe, even after winning 3 wars against Pakistan, India never took Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Did you try to know the solution?

Since 1947, India has internationally made PoK a sole part of it.

Kashmir was “legally” merged by its king Hari Singh in 1947 and so India claims Kashmir.

However, Pakistan “illegally” occupied PoK as it has a majority Muslim population and we know that our India was partitioned and gave some to Pakistan on Hindu Muslim theory.

Even though India and Pakistan gained Independence in 1947, a few months later Pakistan sent troops to settle in Kashmir.

The 1984 year saw a pronounced rise in terrorist violence in Kashmir.

Kashmir Muslims plastered walls and doors of every Kashmiri Pandit home with a slogan that the murders and rapes on Kasmir Pandit women by the Kashmir Muslims.

The slogan is “aes kya gasyi ‘PAKISTAN’, Batav rosti Batnevey saan” (We want Pakistan, without Pandit Men but along with their Women) and this was shouted by a large crowd/procession and from the loudspeakers of the mosques all over Kashmir.

It also plastered with posters and handbills ordering all Kashmiris to strictly follow the Islamic dress code and its principles.

On 14 September 1989, Kashmir Pandit Tika Lal Taploo was killed in Jammu & Kashmir in front of several eyewitnesses. This instilled fear in the Kashmiri Pandit community. The result is, there was Kashmir Pandits migration from Valley to other parts of India.

Today the Pandits are living a life of anonymity in their own homeland.

All Indian Governments have tried and failed to give back the homes of Kashmir Pandits which just shows how difficult the problem is.  And hence it became a Muslim majority populated state.

Here are some basics you need to understand about PoK.

  • It is a very high mountain region which is very tough to capture and to control. So, we have a very limited approach to PoK but Pakistan has better approaches. That’s why we could not take its total control during the first war and thus PoK was formed.
  • The one more thing to be remembered is, PoK has major anti-India and Pro Pakistan sentiments. So even if we capture it, we can’t retain it.
  • And even if we retain it, people of that area will be a severe threat to India.

Let’s analyze the situation that India tries to occupy PoK.

1. Pakistan Will Heavily Resist The Move. And It Has A Big Advantage Over India In PoK Due To The Above 3 Reasons



2. China Has Good Investment In That Area, So India May Have To Conflict With China Also



3. We Will Border With Afghanistan World’s Most Active Terrorist And Also Taliban Areas



4. Retaining PoK Will Take Huge Resources



5. Apart From Ego Boosting, PoK Has Not Much To Offer


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