Anand, India’s own Arnold who overcome Paralysis and Cancer to become Mr. India



ANAND Arnold was 15 when he was paralyzed by cancer. Now the 28-year-old has shared how he overcomes his disability to become a bodybuilding champion.


Arnold always knew he wanted to be a bodybuilder. At the age of 13 he won his first bodybuilding trophy.


However two years later, when he was just 15, Arnold was diagnosed with cancer in his lower spinal cord, and was left paralyzed and bed bound for three years.

Arnold was crowned Mr. India three times, Mr. Punjab 12 times, and has won 27 other titles. He is also the face of Muscle Mania and a brand ambassador for a nutrition supplement company.


Allen Woodman authored Anand's biography titled 'Weightless: A true story of courage and determination' which was released recently.


Presently, he is the international Model for muscle mania and brand Ambassador of HaleLife Nutrition and Fitness Company.

Arnold’s motto is “make your weakness your strength”.

He says he hopes to make a movie about his life in a bid to inspire others.

“It will give people like me a new ray of hope,” he said.

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