Ajay Munot From Pune Donated Plasma 14 Times And Ready For The 15th Time With Enough Antibodies

Ajay Munot Pune Man Plasma Donationvia

A 50-year-old man Ajay Munot from Pune has recorded his name in the India Book of Records for donating plasma a maximum number of times by individual in India. He claimed that he is the first person in the country to donate plasma 14 times by showing the certificate to the media given for him by the India Book of Records. He donated plasma 14 times since he recovered from COVID-19 in June 2020, and he is also ready for the 15th count.  After tested for antibody level, he mentioned in the interview that he is ready to donate for the 15th time now as he has enough antibodies in his blood.

Ajay Munot Pune Man Plasma Donation

For information, plasma is a yellowish liquid part of the blood that contains antibodies. In Plasma therapy, the plasma is extracted from a person who has recovered from the infection and injected into a patient who is suffering from the disease.


From the media information, Ajay Munot, who works as a strategic consultant, is always willing and does not hesitate to donate plasma for the patient who is infected by the coronavirus. Ajay Munot is not having any second thought in doing this service. He started his first donation in July 2020, 28 days after recovering from the COVID-19 with mild symptoms. He also noticed that there was an extensive demand, and the families who are struggling to find the donor are searching for donors through social media.

Pankaj Sonawane is one of the recipients of Munot’s plasma for his mother, who was infected by a coronavirus. She was admitted for treatment at Jehangir Hospital in August 2020. She was a 63-old mother and also had a problem with her lungs.

From the media source, Pankaj Sonawane had approached several blood banks, and there was no stock. He also approached a few donors who are ready to donate initially, and in the end, they had not and stayed back. And finally, he got Munot’s number from the police commissioner, where he had given his number for contact for plasma donation.

Ajay Munot Pune Plasma Donation

After plasma therapy is done, his mother was discharged from the ICU within a few days. She was recovered from the covid-19 symptoms and is now leading a normal life. He also mentioned that if Ajay Munot has not come forward, then it would be tough for him to save his mother. For that, he is very grateful and thanked Munot in the interview.

Munot told the media that his repeated donations should help remove the misunderstandings from the minds of recovered COVID-19 patients. People have false notions that blood is taken out during plasma donation, Munot said. Plasma is separated from the blood, and it contains antibodies. Plasma donation is not a blood donation, he added.

According to Dr. Purnima Rao at Sahyadri Hospital, Ajay Munot has donated plasma 14 times at our hospital. And also explained that plasma donation does not affect a donor. In fact, it stimulates the functioning of bone marrow and leads to the formation of a new blood cell.

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