Air India Passenger Finds Metal Blade In On-Flight Meal, Airline Responded

Air India Passenger Finds Metal Blade In On-Flight Meal

From a human finger in ice cream to a metal blade in an on-flight Air India meal, the food system of the world seems broken. This is not just a horror but a threat to safe and healthy food consumption. Recently, an Air India passenger took to X and informed the world about how Air India meals can cut like a knife, after discovering a blade in the meal. The passengers shared the pic of a metal blade found in his in-flight meal. By God’s grace, the passenger is safe and has no harm. Continue reading to know more about the terrific incident.


Air India Passenger Finds Metal Blade In On-Flight Meal

A passenger on an Air India aircraft from Bengaluru to San Francisco reportedly found a razor blade in his flight meal. He nearly swallowed it narrowly avoiding major damage. Journalist Mathures Paul described his terrifying experience in a post on X. He said that on June 9, while on the AI 175 trip from Bengaluru to San Francisco, he unexpectedly found a metal blade in his flight meal. Paul claimed that while eating the roasted sweet potato and fig chaat dish provided on the trip, he came dangerously close to swallowing the blade. He tweets:

The reporter also queries about what would happen if the child’s meal contained a metal object. He posted pictures of the meal both before and after he found the blade. A few days after the event, Paul stated that Air India called him. He revealed how the airlines offered him a “free business class trip to anywhere in the world” as compensation. Paul declined the offer stating that he could not accept a bribe.


The Airline Replies

Air India wrote back, “Dear Mr. Paul, we are sorry to hear about this,” in the comments area. It continued, “This does not represent the level of service we aim to provide to our passengers. Please DM us your booking details along with your seat number. We’ll ensure this matter is promptly reviewed and addressed.”

New Air India

Air India’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, Rajesh Dogra, responded to the event by saying, “Air India confirms that a foreign object was found in the meal of a guest aboard one of our flights. After investigation, it has been identified as coming from the vegetable processing machine used at the facilities of our catering partner. We have worked with our catering partner to strengthen measures to prevent any recurrence, including more frequent checking of the processor especially after chopping off any hard vegetable.”

What do you think about this incident? Will we still not be guaranteed safe food after paying a considerable amount of money on flight tickets? Let us know your opinion on the same.

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