Air India Flight Experiences Turbulence At 15,000ft And Three Passengers Injured – Check Video

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Air India Flight going from Amritsar to Delhi experienced turbulence for 15 minutes due to a bad weather. During the turbulence, three passengers got injured. The flight kept shaking for 15 minutes during which a window panel and several other oxygen masks came off. Some passengers even got head injuries as they weren’t wearing any seat belts. There hasn’t been any official comment on the situation from the officials of Air India.


Flight Details

Window pane of Air India Flight came off

This 787 Dreamliner Air India plane started it’s journey from Amritsar to Delhi on 19th of April. The total duration of this journey is 35 minutes. There was a total of 240 passengers on the flight which started experiencing the turbulence shortly after the flight took off and reached 15,000 feet of height. Injured passengers were taken to the hospital in Delhi where they were given the first aid after which they left. According to the sources of Air India DGCA and Air Craft, Investigation Board is researching on the matter because the Window Panel coming off wasn’t a petty issue, according to DGCA the Window Panel doesn’t come off that easy and that is why a thorough investigation is important. There have also been reports of people getting head injuries from getting hit to the cabins. These passengers weren’t wearing the seatbelts and DGCA is questioning the safety measures used by Air India.


Video Of The Incident

A short video of 50 seconds was uploaded to social media where a hostess is seen fixing the opened window panel and another hostess is comforting a passenger who got injured due to the turbulence. This video has been going viral on different social media platforms. We are still to hear a word from Air India.

This is really a serious situation. Our condolences are with all the family members. We all remember the MH370 plane which went missing a few years back. Recently a man has claimed to find its images on Google Map. Click here to read the entire news.