10 Scams Of Aam Aadmi Party Which Will Shock You

Aam Aadmi PartyAam Aadmi Party

AAP, the mother of all scams who cries crocodile tears on corruption has emerged as the most corrupt party than Congress. Here are the 10 scams of Aam Aadmi Party that will shock you.


1. Thali Scam


Arvind Kejriwal organized a fat party at his place for AAP MLAs and leaders in February 2016. Over, 50 guests were invited on the first day and the second day witnessed 30 guests, the total food bill of both the days amounted to Rs 11, 04,357 which means per plate cost Rs 12,000 to Rs 16,000.

After almost 14 months of the indulgence, Vijendra Gupta, the leader of opposition in Delhi Assembly, has submitted a photocopy of the food bill claiming that the party has transgressed the law which says the maximum limit for an official buffet menu per plate cannot exceed Rs 2,500. And this malamaal thali was no less than Rs 16,000!

And, this entire bill was paid from the public treasury. This no less than a scam.


2. Massive Donation Scam


Arvind Kejriwal received Rs 2 crore last year through four “dubious” donor companies. The group AAP Volunteer Action Manch (AVAM) claimed that the money was donated to AAP on the midnight of April 15 last year.

Karan Singh and Gopal Goel of AVAM alleged that four donations worth Rs 50 lakh each were remitted to the account of AAP from four different “dubious companies”.


3. Delhi Water Tanker Scam


The Rs 400 crore alleged scam is said to have taken place when the Congress party’s Sheila Dixit was chief minister of Delhi. The report said there was favoritism involved when the DJB hired 385 stainless steel water tankers from private companies.

On June 19, 2015, the AAP government set up a fact-finding committee on the tanker deal which, in its report submitted in August, alleged a scam of Rs 400 crore

However, the FIR filed by Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) in June 2016 mentions both the Dikshit regime as well as the Kejriwal-led AAP government.


4. Onion Scam


The AAP government, which came to power on the promise of eradicating corruption has procured onions at a much cheaper price of Rs 18 a kg and sold these to Delhiites at Rs 30 a kg, according to RTI. The government had purchased 2,511 metric tonnes (25,11,000 kgs) of onions through SFAC at an average price of Rs 18.57 per kg.

Kejriwal government began the sale of onions on August 10. However, it could only sell 575.32 metric tonnes of onions until September 2. This means that more than 4,400 metric tonnes of onions remained stashed in godowns while Delhiites were reeling under surging prices of the vegetable.

The price of onion skyrocketed to Rs 80 a kg in August and despite the government’s assurances the price never came down below Rs 60-per-kg mark.


5. Sugar Scam


Delhi government had bought “huge quantities” of sugar between February and October from two private enterprises at prices much higher than market rates. Delhi government has procured around 15000 quintals of sugar from ‘Sainik Food Private Limited’ at Rs.33.90 per kg and 86000 quintals at Rs.30.87 per kg from ‘Doctor Frozen Food India Ltd’.

“Whereas, since February this year, the maximum price of sugar was around Rs 25 in the wholesale market, Rs 27 in the open market and Rs 20 at the cooperatives connected with the Maharashtra-based sugar mills.”

Ashok Thakur, Union government nominee in NAFED board of directors, alleged.


6. Advertisement Scam


Kejriwal government spent taxpayer’s money for party advertisement. The advertisements were found to be in violation of the Supreme Court guidelines on party advertisements and that the government of Delhi put up advertisements that reflected the party motives using the taxpayers’ money.


The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi had asked Chief Secretary to recover Rs 97 crore from Aam Aadmi Party for advertisements projecting Arvind Kejriwal.


7. CNG Sticker Allocation Scam


Behind Aam Aadmi Party’s much-hyped odd-even programme there is CNG sticker allocation scam where they distributed more than 1 lakh CNG stickers to non-CNG cars. The Delhi government had earlier announced that CNG vehicles would be exempted from its odd-even policy.


8. Auto Rickshaw Permit Scam


Transport Minister of Delhi Gopal Rai from Aam Aadmi Party is involved in scam worth crores of rupees. Permits were issued to anyone and everyone and xerox copies were sent to address, where no one lives from past 25-30 years which are fake addresses. Even these permits were given to people by taking 25K-50K bribe from them.

When this came to picture, the Delhi government had scrapped more than 900 auto-rickshaw permits and suspended three transport department officials over alleged corruption.


9. Number Plate Racket Scam


The average notified price in Delhi for high-security number plates is Rs 119. But the vehicle owners are being charged Rs 1200, as found by a committee formed by the state government.

In Delhi, approximately two lakh vehicles are registered on a monthly basis and this way during the 15 months of AAP government the number of registered vehicles should be around 30 lakh. Multiplying this figure with Rs 1,200 amounts to a scam of approximately Rs 300 crore.


10. Bribe Of Rs. 2 crore


Sacked Delhi minister Kapil Mishra alleged that he witnessed Satyendar Jain giving Rs 2 crore in cash to the party chief Arvind Kejriwal.

“I asked him ‘What is this? What is this for?’ He (Kejriwal) refused to answer. And then he said ‘In politics things like this happen that can only be talked about later”

Mishra said.

Aam Aadmi Party’s corrupt leadership started with hiding party funds. Not only Arvind Kejriwal but his entire ministers indulged in lavish spending of tax payer’s money.

Kejriwal who started this party as people’s party after got into power; it became a party that eats people’s property.

If there is any other AAP scam that is not listed, please share us in the comments.

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