Not Just 6, But 40 People Travelled In This Six Seater Van! Watch Video

Six Seater Van


Here is a billionaire question. Just kiddingwink How many can fit in a six seater van?

You may wonder why this question?

Usually, six people can fit in a six-seater van but in extreme cases perhaps it can accommodate 2 more people.  

Just, imagine 40 people coming out, one after the other.

Yes, it’s not joke. It happened in real.

In this video, you can see around 40 men coming out of an overloaded van.  This is not for any movie shoot. It’s a footage taken by traffic police in China.

In southwest China’s Chongqing, the traffic police caught this vehicle on April 30. However, the driver was fined for overloading.

Watch out

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