Aakash Institute Tried To Take The Credit For Manushi Chhillar’s Glory But Got Trolled



All the medical students are aware about Aakash Institute. I was also insisted by a friend to join Aakash institute but that line was not for me as medical was not just my thing. Coming to the point, Aakash institute tried to take the credit for Manushi Chhillar’s victory in Miss World 2017 pageant.


Aakash Institute Tried To Snatch The Credit

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Everyone agrees that they have the right to share the success of the student who clears the medical entrance exams. However, this time Aakash institute has done something different. They shared the success of Manushi Chhillar and tried to take the credit for that.


It Is Surprising

aakash institute tried

Most of us know that Miss World Manushi Chhillar was a medical student. In 2015, she got coaching from Aakash institute. Well, she had no idea that Aakash Institute will try to get the credit for beauty contests.


Twitterati Trolled Aakash Institute




This egocentric act of Aakash Institute is utterly funny. It was immensely hard for the Twitterati to resist the impulse to troll the education institute.


More Promotion Less Education


Yes! We guys were unaware that Aakash institute trains beauty queens. Aakash institute has proved that they are focused on promotion not on the education.

Thanks to the Twitterati this irrelevant promotion was stopped. Moreover, it backfired on them. What do you think about this one? Share in the comments.

Want to know how Manushi Chhillar transformed herself from a medical student to a beauty queen? Check the pictures here.


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