4 Year Old Kid Charged For Raping The Girl Of Same Age



Delhi police are in a great confusion nowadays as they are handling a case of Rape. Strange thing is that both accused and victim are the kid not older than 5 years. The girl is 4 and half year old while the boy is even smaller. Boy is just 4 years old. Victim’s mother filed the police complaint stating that her daughter was physically assaulted. 

Matter gained heat as girl’s mother demanded Rustication of the boy from school because she is still not assure about her daughter’s safety. Allegedly boy used his finger and a pencil in girl’s private parts. All were happening in the washroom and even in class.



Police are practicing “utmost sensitivity” as the accused in question is a child. Spokesperson of Delhi police, Dependra Pathak, said ,

Doctor Conformed Sexual Assault, The Indian Penal Code Provides Children Prevents From Persecution  Below Seven Years 

Though police registered the complaint as the doctor confirmed sexual assault but the fact of the matter is that Indian Penal Code did not allow anyone to persecute the child of this age. One NGO came forward and boy is now being counseled.

Girl’s mother demanded the immediate rustication of both principal and teacher along with counsellor. She even demanded school to make a public apology and pay back two years of school fee with interest.

said: In the classroom, there was no teacher when the assault happened. In the washroom, the ayah (helper) was not around.”


The Victim’s Parents Filed The Police Complain Only After The Medical Confirmation


School’s advocate, on the other hand, said that girl didn’t tell any teacher about the incident. She should have informed them of the same day incident happened.

As the accused is also too small to judge anything so quickly everyone is cautious.

 Doctor Samir Parikh, director, department of mental health and behavioral sciences, Fortis Healthcare says,



“We must understand that it is absolutely not possible for a four-year-old to understand sexual behavior. Is there a possibility of a sexual need being fulfilled in this case? Absolutely not. It may be at best described as imitation or copy-cat behavior – the child saw something similar happening, perhaps on television or on a mobile phone, got inquisitive and went ahead and replicated the action. It is like replicating any other adult action without realizing the repercussions”

He further added

“The footage will be able to tell us if there was any staff in the classroom or washroom when the crime happened.”

These kinds of incidents don’t just worry the concerned parents and authorities and it has a deeper meaning. It should worry our society as the whole. With all the excess of content available on media platforms or watching so much violence effects child psychology which leads them to this kind of activities. 

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