These 9 Weirdest Shoes That You Will Crave To Wear For Sure



Do you love shoes? Are you the one who spends lot of money on shoes? Then you will definitely need to try these. You may think what’s so special about these shoes to try. Yes, it’s because they are so weird and makes you special when you wear.

Just have a look on it.

1. Game Shoes


Shoes are very important in day to day life. This game shoe will definitely is a big surprise and you might be excited to wear it and play with it.


2. Squid Tentacles


Kermit Tesoro, Filipino designer is known for his unique and often difficult shoes designs. I don’t think making of this or wearing is so easy. Isn’t it so? Which means Tesoro is smart enough to focus his work on celebrities.


3. Sneaker Pants


Willow Smith and her twin Jaden Smith are known for their quirky personalities. And this sneaker pants says it all. These are a sort of extended sneakers which are different from long boots, as they come together just like normal pants do.


4. Everyday Objects In Footwear


Kobi Levi designs have some peculiarity. He uses everyday ordinary objects while making shoes. They are not only unique but can be worn practically as well.



5. Monster Heels


These heels will freak tiny animals as they have pointed metal shaped fangs, eyes, a tongue and anything that could make for an effectively scary monster. You will have a Halloween night out with these shoes.


6. Dentures!!


Do you know who designed these creepy shoes? It’s the creation of Fantich and Young Designers. Those fake teeth make the shoes a very weird sight. However, the shoes are not actually meant for wearing.


7. Root Shoes


Isn’t this looking like noodles? But wait, no. It’s not. Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch designer who is known for his cutting-edge designs. He takes inspiration from the human body as well and plant and animal life for his creations. I don’t think one can easily walk in the rain with these shoes!


8. Fang Heels


Again, these shoes also came from the creation of Iris Van Herpen. These are not just shoes, but potential weapons for their wearer. Just observe the shape of teeth. If you are a vampire fan then you will definitely crave to purchase these shoes. 


9. Scorpion Shoes


Well, everyone is afraid of scorpion. Costa Magarakis has given these scorpion shoes. The wheels make shoes unwearable. I am sure if it is some cockroach shoes or mice shoes then most of the women will be afraid to wear.

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