7 Reasons Why You Should Spend Time With Yourself




“If you don’t spend time with yourself, then you are missing the most wonderful person in this world”- Swami Vivekananda

There is a lot of difference between feeling lonely and being alone.

It’s never late to start rethink your whole life.

What do you want to do in life? What are your strengths and weakness? What is hindering for your success? Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Well, this questionnaire goes on……

Everyday chaos in life, doesn’t allow time to concentrate on all these things.

Result !

When you turn back your life after some years, you will feel utterly incomplete.

In the chase of earning money, most of the people forget their passion, dreams and always work like a machine.

By doing so, what you are missing??

You are missing LIFE in your life.

When you are alone, nothing can stop you from listening to your inner voice, heart and mind.

Benefits Of Spending Time With Yourself

1. Opportunity To Know Yourself

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When you are in the group, it’s unlikely that you will go with the flow. In solitude, you will be able to take right decisions to whatever the situation it is.


2. Increases Productivity

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The social media sites eats your time which ultimately distracts you. In solitude, you will be able to concentrate better which helps you in getting more work done in short span of time.


3. Opportunity To Understand What Makes You Happy

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When you are with others, you may need to do what you don’t like, sometimes you can’t say NO. But, when you are alone, it’s only you who decided what to do. You will live for yourself. You needn’t impress anyone. When you do what you like, it gives tremendous happiness. Take as many memories with you till the last breath of your life.


4.  Enhances Your Relationships With Others

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It is more enjoyable to engage with others, if you spend time with yourself. It develops a renewed sense of gratitude to others and also helps in accepting for what they are.


5. Makes You Independent

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There are times that you need to seek approval from your friends and family members to take decision on any matter. But there are also times, where you need to think independently and take the decision at that instant. Spending time with yourself every single day helps you in taking better choices.


6. You Start Believe In Yourself

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Being alone helps you to know what is right for you and what you can achieve. It teaches you to believe in yourself which you can’t realize when you are with others as you will be more involved in monitoring other reactions.


7. All Your Questions Will Be Answered

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I strongly feel this is the most important and ultimate benefit that you will get. No one’s life is bed of roses. Everyone has to cross the thorns to experience the colors of life. In this path, we often get distracted and frustrated in life. All the answers are within you. You just need to be silent and listen to our inner voice.

"There are voices which we hear in solitude, but they grow faint and inaudible as we enter into the world." — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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