8 Things We Have All Done In Our Teens



Teen life is awesome. It is weird and confusing at times but we get to learn a lot of stuff which help us face things which come next in life. The hormonal and secondary changes make it a bit hard and scary sometimes but yeah, everyone goes through it!


1. Started Watching Porn

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Like Columbus discovered America, We discovered Naughty America in our teens. Easiest way to detect liars: Ask them if they have ever watched porno. They said, “No”? There you go, got em!


2. Tried Drugs – Say “No” though!

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Peer pressure is at the peak during teens. It’s all fun and games till someone gets addicted. Drug addiction has adverse effects and is a total game changer. Better avoid it at all costs!


3. Started Dating / Hooking up

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Teen life is full of infatuations. I fall in love around 6-8 times a day. This might not apply to some teens like me who have never dated anyone yet. I feel you mate *bro hugs*.Don’t worry, update your relationship status on Facebook as, ‘God is busy writing my love story’ just like Rocky Ramu and Stunning Somu did.


4. Failed tests

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I get it, some people have failed tests even in kindergarten but at that time, you had no idea what you’re doing and you were probably eating crayons and shittin’ your pants. Don’t worry if you’re failing and flunking at school. Here’s some motivation for you:

“A single paper can’t judge me! F**k this shit” said Parker before he dropped out.

Parker is now a well-established individual working at McDonalds’. Are you motivated yet? Ey, you get free nuggets too!


5. Wanted to have a perfect body


Always wanted to have a perfect bod’ but food tastes so good and heavenly. External appearances are deceptive; it only matters about who you are inside. You have a good heart? Doesn’t matter if you weigh as twice as much as your crush. They’ll love you back….. *curls up into a ball in a dark corner* *weeps*


6. Wanted to be famous


I always wanted to be a Youtube star but the thing which sucked the most about my videos were that the only thing which was funny in my videos were the way I look and my accent. Currently, I am waiting for some director to notice how fab I am in the streets and offer me the lead role right away. Hey, we’ve all been there!


7. Spent a lot of time grooming


So many deodorants and still single. Maybe she has problem with her smell sense, Idk. Theneed to look fabulous started in the teens.


8. Desired to get Rich


Now don’t tell me money doesn’t make you happy. If you are so entitled to that opinion, contact me so that I can give you my account details so that you can transfer the money you have. Ever seen a sad person in a Ferrari? Neither have I. The materialistic chase started in the teens. Before that, I was happy if I got enough money for Ice Cream for that day.

Well, that’s a few things we have all done in our teens. Let us know the funniest stuff you’ve done in the comments below!

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