Kim Kardashian Is Famous For These 7 Reasons!


Kim Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model and of course, who hasn’t heard of her? She shot to fame and she has managed to remain famous for all these years and we’re all sure she’ll continue to be. Now, why is she famous? Here are ten reasons why:


1. Kim Kardashian Is A Marketing Genius

That’s right. She knows exactly how to market herself. She knows what tactics to use to make herself famous and remain so. 

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2. Her Famous Social Connections

Her father, Robert Kardashian, was a very well-reputed lawyer in Los Angeles and helped with the OJ Simpson case. She went to pre-school with Paris Hilton. One of her birthday parties was held in Neverland Ranch which belonged to Michael Jackson. With more than 35 million followers on Twitter, she shines bright in the hall of fame. 

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3. Her Leaked Sex-Tape

Her sex-tape that leaked in 2007 starring the famous rapper Ray J, who is the first cousin of Snoop Dogg and the brother of Brandy made her very famous. A plethora of celebrities have had their sex-tapes get leaked but it worked very well for Kim Kardashian in terms of making her famous.

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4. She Is Sexy And Photogenic

What else could one expect in this world where almost nothing else matters as much as one’s looks do(as unfortunate as that is)?  With expensive clothes, plenty of makeup, hair styling, cosmetic surgeries and more, she looks drop-dead gorgeous. 

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5. She Is Extremely Talented

Despite being a high-school drop-out, she is a very successful multi-faceted entrepreneur who has been making great profits. Kardashian stars in a popular reality TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, has published many books including ‘Selfish’ and graced the cover of Vogue, launched a popular app, has a clothing line, a perfume, and much more. 

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6. She Posed Naked On A Magazine’s Winter Issue

Kim Kardashian posed naked in Paper’s winter issue in 2014. Paper‍'s website received 15.9 million views in one day, compared with 25,000 views on an average day.

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7. Kanye West Immortalized Her Sex-Tape In His Song ‘Cold’

He seems to be boasting about how his wife got famous because of a sex-tape in his song. "Eat breakfast at Gucci; My girl a superstar all from a home movie” are the lyrics from his song. 

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Well, there really aren’t any specific reasons as to how and why she shot to fame. Do you think she deserves the fame and attention she receives? Let us know!


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