10 Reasons Why Drinking Is Fun


[Disclaimer: This post in no way promotes drinking. Drinking is injurious to your health]


Have you ever wondered why alcohol consumption is so much fun? Here’s ten reasons why:


1. Alcohol is a Social Lubricant

Social drinking is legitimately a thing, in case you didn’t know. It helps you get along with people easier and helps you make friends. 

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2. It Can Feel Like Tasting History

The older the wine, the better. When people drink aged drinks, it almost feels like as if they were having a taste of the rich history behind the drink. 

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3. It Gives You Immense Confidence!

Alcohol undoubtedly gives you the sudden confidence to say and do things that you otherwise wouldn’t even think of doing, being asking your crush out, confronting your enemy, calling your ex, and more! 

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4. You Stop Caring About What Others Think

When you’re drunk, you stop caring about others’ opinions and you start living your life the way you want to, instead of unnecessarily worrying about people around you and what they may think of you.

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5. It Cures Hangovers

Are you hungover on a Sunday or a Monday morning? Worry not! Drink the hangover away. Have a shot or two of vodka and you must be fine. 

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6. You Had A Bad Day

You had a terrible day at work or fought with your boyfriend/girlfriend. What better way to brighten things up than drinking some alcohol?  

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7. You Had A Great Day

You had a great day at work or in general. Again, no better way to celebrate than with alcohol. Does consumption of alcohol really need reasons?  Page-7-Image-7 Ref:


8. It Is Terribly Cold

It is probably winter now or you’re on a very highly elevated hill or it’s just raining and is extremely cold. Alcohol helps your body produce some heat and stay warm.

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9. Alcohol Helps You Forget

Something from the past still bothering you? Worry not! Down some alcohol and forget things for the time being and enjoy. Page-9-Image-9 Ref:


10. You Just Read 9 Reasons Why Alcohol Is Fun

With 9 fun reasons to drink alcohol at your door-step, it really is hard to resist from doing it, isn’t it?

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You must also keep in mind that alcohol is very injurious to health. I understand that I cannot stop you from doing it, but do it judiciously.


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