10 Reasons Why The Beatles Are The Greatest Band Ever


The fact that The Beatles are the greatest band ever is not just popular opinion, it is the universal truth(ironic how this is just my opinion) Some people just do not get The Beatles. They do not understand the lyrics of the songs or the beauty of their compositions and that is absolutely fine. If you’ve never listened to their music, I suggest you do right away. They are, hands down, one of the best bands you’ll ever come across. 


1. They Made A Great Impact Even Outside Of Music

They had a huge impact on the fashion world.The hairstyle of The Beatles was widely imitated worldwide and people started manufacturing “Authentic Beatle Wigs”. The Beatles also popularized Indian-influenced fashion such as floral collarless shirts with sandals. They also wore collarless suits and jackets and made it a fashion statement.

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2. Live Concerts

The Beatles were undoubtedly the first ones to stage a huge(huuuuge) stadium concert. The band opened their 1965 North American tour in Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets. The concert had a live audience of 55600 and got sold out in literally just 17 minutes. They evidently demonstrated how concerts on this large a scale could be feasible and successful.

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3. The ‘Fifth Beatle’ – One Of The Best Producers Ever

Paul McCartney referred to the band’s producer, Sir George Martin, as the ‘Fifth Beatle’ because of his extensive involvement is each of the Beatles’ original albums. He always helped the Beatles showcase their talent in the best way possible and always helped them materialize their ambitions.

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4. They Emerged To Be The Best Despite Of The Greatest Competition

With major competition from The Impressions, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Bee Gees, Bob Dylan, The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, The Cream, Pink Floyd and more, they still emerged to be one of the most successful bands in history.

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5. They Tried Several Different Genres In Music

The Beatles tried psychedelic rock, heavy metal, pop, a little bit of jazz, rock and roll, Indian classical and so many more kinds of music and everything sold out! Who would have even thought that a perfect blend between rock and roll and Indian classical music was possible? They even took American rock and roll and gave it an English spin and made it the best of both worlds. 

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6. Fun And Intellectual At The Same Time

They talked about peace, spirituality, love, joys and woes of everyday life, random fun stuff, psychedelia infused things, basically just everything one was looking for. Their lyrics always found a way to please the audience in unfathomable ways.

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7. Not One, Not Two, THREE Song-Writers

Most bands had only one or two song-writers, whereas The Beatles had three. Paul McCartney and John Lennon together wrote amazing songs at a higher and better rate than any other band in history. George Harrison also caught up with their pace and wrote some great songs later on. 

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8. Creators of Pop Music

They did not endorse it or make it better – they simply created it. They started with Rubber Soul, Revolver, Strawberry Fields Forever and more. They ignited the evolution of a new kind of music all in all. 

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9. Inventors of the Hidden Track

An extra track was usually included in the beginning of the song or the end, and it was not mentioned in the track listening. This unusual inclusion amused a plethora of musical bands themselves and is called the Hidden Track. Many other bands like Pink Floyd followed suit.

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10. The Beatles Have sold Over 1 Billion Records

Yes, they sold ONE BILLION records. That’s proof enough to conclude that The Beatles are the best ever.

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There really should be no doubt about whether or not The Beatles are one of the best bands ever. With music that mesmerizing, they could win the hearts of a zillion people.


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