5 Most Bizarre Religions In The World



There are around 4,200 religions being practiced in the world. Some of them are thousands of years old while some have been founded pretty recently. Most religions preach almost same things, may be in their own different way. But some religions are based on bizarre theories. Here is a list of 5 most bizarre religions in the world that will leave you perplexed:

1. Jediism

Jediism is a nontheistic religious movement based on the depiction of Jedii in Star Wars movies. It does not have any founder of central structure. The religion gained public attention when it was voted as the second largest religion in New Zealand in a national consensus. Although followers of Jediism admit the influence of Star Wars on their religious beliefs, by following the moral and spiritual codes demonstrated by the fictional Jedi. But at the same time stress on the fact that their path is different from that of the fictional characters and that their religion does not represent the myth and fiction depicted in Star Wars.



2. Pastafarianism

Pastafarianism is a religious movement which promotes a light-hearted view of religion and opposes the teaching of intelligent design and creationism in public schools. Pastafarianism is a legally recognized religion in Netherlands and New Zealand. It is represented by a Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster which came into prominence after a satirical open letter written by Bobby Henderson to protest against the teaching of creationism, went viral in 2005. This religion has also gained praise of the scientific community.



3. Universe People

Universe People or Cosmic People of Light Powers is a prominent religion founded by Ivo A Benda. This religion which came into existence in 1990, is widely followed in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Their belief system is based upon the presence of extra-terrestrial beings who communicate with Benda telepathically and also by personal contact. The faith preaches about a coming cosmic catastrophe and evacuation of people to another planet. They have call for a defense against the attack of Lizard Men- the negative extraterrestrial beings.



4. Happy Science

Happy Science is another bizarre religious and spiritual movement started by Ryuho Okawa in Japan on 6th October 1986. This religious cult has been widely criticized since then. Okawa claims to the reincarnation of the supreme spiritual being- Ei Cantare. According to happy scientists, Ei Cantare is the real hidden name for the God of Creation. The basic teachings of this religion include Exploration of the Right Mind and Principles of Happiness. The happy scientists must follow the fourfold path of Love, Wisdom, self-reflection and Progress in order to obtain eternal happiness.



5. The Order of the Solar Temple

The Order of the Solar Temple is a religious secret society which is claimed to be based upon the principles of the Knights Templar. The religion was founded in Geneva and came into public knowledge following the suicide of 74 of its followers between 1994 to 1997. The cult believed that earth would face a catastrophe in the mid-1990s. In anticipation of this prophesied event, members believed it was necessary to attain a higher spiritual consciousness. So in their quest, on Oct. 4–5, 1994, 53 members of the Solar Temple in Canada and Switzerland committed suicide (allegedly murdered) and the buildings where they died were set on fire. 23 members died similarly in next three years. The group however survived all the controversies as their faith is being practiced even today. 



These were the most bizarre religions according to us. Do let us know your views through comments.

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