4 Reasons Why Stereotyping Is Bad


Having you ever made a snap judgement mentally based on someone’s race, color, age or looks? Have you then wondered if it’s the right thing to do or not? Here’s 4 reasons why I tell you they’re bad:


1. People Don’t Like It

One of the main reasons why you should stop stereotyping is because people simply don’t like it. When people don’t put in real effort to get to know you and simply judge you based on superficial features, even you are bound to dislike it. 

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2. It Creates A Divide Between People

Stereotypes act as a fine barrier between people thus preventing effective communication. People hesitate to make proper conversation with a prejudices coming into action.  

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3. Stops You From Actually Getting To Know The Person

When you already make a judgement before you actually get to know the person, you won’t really put in any actual effort to forget about the superficial features and get to know the person for who he/she is. 

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4. Stereotypes Affect People In A Bad Way

When people feel that they are being judges in a particular work environment, they perform poorly. It also affects their self-confidence. 

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All that being said, stereotypes aren’t really considered to be bad when they promote the positive traits of a particular group people, in which case it does (almost) no harm to people. Considering how stereotypes are almost perpetual and they exist everywhere in the media, it is almost impossible to not run into one. You can stereotype, but do it in ways that don’t hurt people!


Comment and tell us about your opinions on the same and share any unoffensive stereotypes if you know any!


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