36 People Came From Mecca Erased Home Quarantine Stamp; 2 Tested Positive For COVID-19

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The number of novel coronavirus people in India rose to 940 with 21 casualties and 84 recovered. These numbers are kept on growing, despite the entire nation is in lockdown. The government of India is taking full precautions against COVID-19 along with medical and cleaning staff, but there are few people who are playing the role of villain. A few days back, it was one Google employee wife who traveled tested positive and Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive with coronavirus attended several parties. Now another case is the group of 36 people who returned from a religious trip from Mecca in Saudi Arabia. These people have erased home quarantine stamp.

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The slightest mistake of this group returning from Mecca has caused a big problem. On their return from Mecca, they were examined at the Mumbai airport. After this, they have been stamped to quarantine. But to avoid the 14 days quarantine period, they have erased the home quarantine stamp from their hands with the help of perfume. To avoid detection, these people have avoided the air route and choose to travel from Mumbai Lucknow on the train and that too in general bogie. The group belongs to the Amaria town of Pilibhit district. Later, on March 22nd, it was found that two of these people are mother and son are tested coronavirus positive.

Home Quarantine Stamp

Now the challenge in front of the authorities is to trace these 36 people. It has also become necessary to find the passengers on board in the general bogey from which these people came to Lucknow from Mumbai. The 45 teams have been assigned in this work. The villagers gave the information to the health department about the tactics that these people adopted to avoid the quarantine period. After reaching Lucknow by train, they reached Pilibhit by taxi and other means of transport.

Pilibhit District Magistrate Vaibhav Srivastava said,

“Both the mother and the son had gone on a religious trip to Saudi Arab along with a group of 36 others. All the 36 are already under complete institutional quarantine for 48 days at a health department building. We have sent the samples of a few persons who had symptoms and all of them, including the woman’s husband, have been confirmed negative.”

Dr. Seema Agarwal informed that investigation of all the people coming from Saudi Arabia is going on. Those who have been in contact with him are also being investigated. A total of 45 teams have been deployed in this campaign. 36 people are housed in the quarantine center. The process of sanitizing all the villages where these people are from has started. People have been instructed not to leave the houses and stay at their homes.

Well, the entire world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic. Most of the countries are lockdown and the government of several countries advised their citizens not to come out from home. There are more than 600000 cases all over the world with more than 28000 casualties from COVID-19. But still, these people are not understanding. How can you erase home quarantine stamp and risks the lives of many? We request the government to take strict actions against these people.

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Praneet Samaiya
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