Commando 3 Review: One Of The Best Action-Packed Performance And Daredevil Stunts By Vidyut Jammwal

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One of the biggest sources of entertainment is undoubtedly watching movies. Every month, several Bollywood movie releases, few of the Bollywood movies perform extremely well, while few of them does not leave an impact. There are many Bollywood actors who are known for their actions. One of the action heroes in Bollywood is Vidyut Jammwal. Vidyut Jammwal is the only Indian in the top 10 martial artists of the world. One of the action-packed franchise is Commando. The three installments of the Commando franchise has released. Every new installment raises the bar of the action. The third installment has some amazing action sequences that are too good and make your jaw dropped.


Commando 3 Story

Commando 3 Vidyut Jammwal
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The story of Commando 3 revolves around the massive terror attack is underway in India. The Indian Special Forces appoint their best man for the job Karanveer Singh Dogra portrayed by Vidyut Jammwal to nab the mastermind of the attack and save the country. As per the sources, Karanveer got to know that the mastermind is in London and he needs to go to London to catch them. Bhavna Shetty played by Adah Sharma accompanies him. In London, the British cop Mallika Sood played by Angira Dhar accompanies them in the mission. Together they are looking for Buraq played by Gulshan Devaiah who is planning to attack India. How will Karanveer and company stop him attacking India? Watch out the movie at ZEE5 that gives you a treat of many action-packed performances.


Commando 3 Action Packed Performances

Commando 3 Vidyut Jammwal
An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

Vidyut Jammwal is excellent as Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra. The way he performs the actions in every scene looks superb. His kicks, backflips, punches, one on one hand combat will surely give you an adrenaline rush. Adah Sharma and Angira Dhar have also performed the actions. They look impressive in the fight scenes. Talking about Gulshan Devaiah, he nailed the role of Buraq. He carries the character of Buraq brilliantly. Director Aditya Datt knows how to use the talent of the actors. In Commando 3, he used the talent of Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma and Angira Dhar properly. The high-octane action scenes will keep you to the edge of the seat. His last movie Table 21 was also made people guess until the end.

The patriotic story with Vidyut Jammwal’s not to miss action scenes is a thrill to watch. The background score complements the scenes. For all the action movie lovers, Commando 3 is a treat for everyone. Vidyut Jammwal as Karanveer Singh Dogra steals the show with his daredevil’s stunts, backflips, and power-packed performance. Also especially to mention Adah Sharma and Angira Dhar for their action scenes. The patriotic theme of the movie gives you goosebumps. The movie has performed well in the multiplexes and theatres. If you have missed the movie at the theatres; now Commando 3 is available in the ZEE5 OTT platform and you can watch it anytime.

Have you watched Commando 3? How was the movie? Are you impressed with Vidyut Jammwal’s power-packed performance? Let us know in the comments below.

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