7 Heart Wrenching Evergreen Telugu Songs


List of Evergreen Telugu Songs


1. Ralipoye Povva

The heart wrenching lyrics by late veturi makes everyone tear-eyed while watching this song. The song is a great tribute to all mothers on the earth.

2. Aakasana

This is one of the tragedy songs given by M.M.Keeravani. The song conveys the ample sympathy on a character in the movie who is battling with her life from cancer.

3. Chukkalara

The song has a magnificient composition of all the time. Madhava tries to bring hema’s memory back.  It is one of the heart wrenching lullabi songs.

4. Punyabhoomi na desam

The song describes the greatness of freedom fighters who fought for India’s independence and how horrifically they died during this war. Every Indian blood gets heated up while watching this song.

5. Nee Sneham

The song perfectly describes the true friendship between two young friends who gets separated in their childhood.

6. Ee Chota Unna

Sirvennala sita ram sastry garu has given lyrics that describes the heart of true lovers.

7. O Manasa O Manasa

This is yet another heart rendering song by sirivennala seetarama sastry garu. Bhadra protects anu who is his friend’s sister in which his friend’s entire family gets killed by factionists feud as a revenge.

Any other best heart wrenching songs that deserves to be in top 10? Share us in the comments 🙂

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