10 Biggest Lies In Indian History We Believed As True

10 Biggest Lies

“If you speak a lie more then 100 times eventually it becomes true,” said Adolf Hitler.

This quote describes that if we keep hearing a lie constantly we start believing in it blindly and we never bother to cross-examine the facts.

Here is the list of some biggest lies we are listening from childhood and we believed them as sheer facts.


1. Hindi Is The National Language Of India


Without a doubt, Hindi is the most spoken language in India but nowhere in official level, it has given the specific status of national language. Like 23 other languages Hindi is just one of them.


2. Hockey Is The National Game Of India


We did mug it in all our school textbooks but in August 2012 in a response to an RTI union ministry refused and rejected this famous lie.


3. Unesco Has Declared ‘Jana Gana Mana’ As Best National Anthem


As an Indian, we are proud of our national anthem and it is, in fact, one of the most beautifully written and composed national anthem of the world but this is nothing then a well spread Rumour that UNESCO has declared it as the best national anthem. Thankfully it didn’t appear in our textbooks.


4. Milkha Singh Looked Back In His 400m Race In Rome Olympics At 1960


No one knows that from where this rumor arrived and ultimately got spread everywhere but Milkha Singh never looked back while racing in Rome Olympics 1960, in fact with great effort he secured 4th position.


5. Ayodhya Has Been There Since Ramayana Days


Since many believe that Ayodhya has been there since Ramayana but it was great king Vikramaditya who did set the modern day Town of Ayodhya so that he can recreate the mystic. Interestingly there is another town in Thailand which have similar kind of story in their mythology, Ayutthaya.


6. Varanasi Is The Oldest City In The World


Varanasi without any doubt is one of the most ancient cities in the world but there are almost 30 cities who were inhabited before 2500bc while Varanasi came in existence in 1100bc. Luxor city in Egypt inhabited in 3200bc. It is ancient as time.


7. Mahatma Gandhi Partying Photograph


The photograph does not match with the character of Mahatma Gandhi. In this picture, the person who is looking exactly like Bapu is actually Australian actor. He dressed like Gandhi but this seems like Bapu dancing with a lady.


8. Subhash Chandra Bose Died Due To A Plane Crash


Subhash’s death mystery is still a mystery but many of us believed that he died in a plane crash as we hear it all the time but 1999 Mukherjee report denied this fact. No DNA test has done to prove that ashes found in plane crashes belong to Bose.


 9. “An Eye For An Eye Would Leave The Whole World Blind” -Mahatma Gandhi


Mahatma Gandhi was certainly a great man who gave so many one-liners but certainly not this one. This quote actually used by Ben Kingsley in the movie Gandhi and there is no record that Gandhi made this statement in any public speech.


10. India Is A Secular Nation Since 1947


For centuries several religions thrived in India and we were proud of it. Officially this word ‘secular’ was added in our constitution in 1976. Some call it as political game some called it need of that time.


Next time before believing on anything must go through the facts. Otherwise, wrong information will pass out to next generations and they will make a fool of themselves just like we did in our childhood. To know more unknown facts about India. You can check them here.