These Bollywood Celebrities Have Insured Their Body Parts

Bollywood Celebs Weird Insurance Body Partsvia

Bollywood celebrities have a huge fan following. People try to follow their favorite superstar habits and even their looks. Sometimes the celebs get many positive compliments for any particular body part and they grow obsessed with that. Moreover, they get their body parts insured. Hence, today we have brought you 10 celebs who got their body parts insured.


1. Minissha Lamba – Buttocks

body parts insured

Failed to impress the audience with her acting, Minissha Lamba possesses impressive aesthetic features. After getting chronic, positive compliments for her buttocks, she got them insured.


2. Priyanka Chopra – Smile

body parts insured

Priyanka Chopra has arguably the best smile. Many fans got some teeth job done for a smile like that of Priyanka. Moreover, Priyanka was aware of her sexy smile and she got it insured.


3. Sunny Deol – Voice And Dialogue Delivery Style

body parts insured

Sunny Deol delivered some of the best dialogues in Bollywood history. Moreover, that roaring voice adds to the intensity of the dialogues. However, his dialogues and voice used to be mimicked in the comedy shows and memes. Being upset by that comedy stuff, he got his voice and dialogue delivery style insured.

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