Dr. Zakir Naik Slams Rs. 500 Crore Lawsuit On Arnab Goswami



Dr. Zahir Naik, the English preacher, has slapped Arnab Goswami, the Chief Editor of Times New, with Rs. 500 crore defamation case. Zahir Naik has also levelled come charges against Times News for hurting the religious sentiments and creating a religious disparity. After the accusation, the Naik did not return to India and addresses Indian media via video appearances. The English preacher has been facing many investigations by various agencies, for allegedly rousing terrorist attack including the Dhaka attack.



Naik who runs Islamic Reseach Foundation (IRF), was found allegedly  facilitating the conversation of 800 people to Islam and paying them foreign funds. Many Islamic scholars have spoken against Naik, stating that his speech misguided the members of the Muslim community.


How will Arnab respond to it?

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