Weight Loss Phenomenon By A Man Who Catches Every Pokémon in Britain



British Pokémon Go player, Sam Clark, has managed to catch the entire Pokémon species available in Britain, after an arduous trek that quite literally saw him walk a whopping 225 kilometers in the hunt for these fictional creatures which humans, known as Pokémon Trainers, catch and train to battle each other for sport. Losing 12 kilograms of weight in the process, Sam’s wife Hayley is radiantly pleased with his weight loss, but is perturbed by the fact that he is constantly on the phone, as he carries out his duties as host to Pokémon Go meet-ups, wherein he helps fellow players master the tricks of the trade to help them find a catch.



Having caught all the 1390 pocket monsters, Sam completed his hunt by catching the mysterious water Pokemon Lapras near Primark in London. Furthermore, he also hatched Taurus out of its egg. Married and with four children, Sam is overjoyed that not only did the game make him fit, it has enabled him to slip back into his old jeans. The game has also helped him overcome his anxiety, and he finds the socializing aspect of it quite refreshing.


Used in the right way, everything has it’s perks! 




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