Soon, You Can Play YouTube Videos In WhatsApp Itself!

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Social media has become a part and parcel of everybody’s life. From fun comments to sarcastic comments, people are using social media to voice their opinions. And, to fulfill the requirements of society, every day you will see several updates from Face book, Instagram, etc.

WhatsApp too thought of one step ahead keeping in mind the requirements of the society. Just a few months back, it updated by allowing users to upload their everyday stories on the app.

Now, there are several rumors that one will be able to watch YouTube videos within the app. Presently in WhatsApp, one can’t play YouTube videos. If the YouTube video link is shared then it either opens on another browser or opens up in the YouTube app in one’s Smartphone.

WhatsApp will now test the in-app YouTube playback support as a hidden feature in the 2.17.40 version of the app for Apple iPhone. However, it is not yet available in the market because still, the feature is in the test phase. Once it is successful it will be made available for the masses.


According to reports, it will allow you to watch YouTube videos as a picture-in-picture mode. You can browse through your messages inside chat as well by hiding the video on the side. But once you change the chat you won’t be able to continue watching it.

This kind of feature is just available in ios phones and would take time to make it available for both ios and android phones. It would be soon available in the market if in this test phase they don’t find any kind of error or bug problems. You can also use youtube to mp3 converter online and youtube to mp4 converter for converting the videos.

However, there is an update that you can share files and documents of all formats, swiping up from the in-app camera to see videos and images from the gallery, sending multiple pics as an album, and simpler text formatting in WhatsApp.

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