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Best Answer For Why She Will Fall In Love With You By This Motivational Speaker

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Every time Simon Sinek opens his mouth, he brings motivation to the listeners. The 43 year old British-American author always pleases the listeners. This time the motivational speaker answered a question which is no stranger to any man. “Why does she fall in love with you”.

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After those score of Google searches and spending a few hours on internet you had ambiguous answers. But this time Simon Sinek stated a simple yet effective answer.


It Is Not About Giving Expensive Gifts

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During an interview the motivational speaker stated it is Not about bringing flowers.


Neither About Bringing Flowers On Valentine’s Day

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Admittedly, she does not Love you in any instant. Maybe she would feel attracted towards you if you keep on tossing gifts towards her. But it is not love. “Bhai Ise Pyar Nahi Vyapaar Kehte Hai”


Love Is In The Little Things

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Simon quoted

“She did not fall in love with you if you remember her birthday and brought her flowers on Valentine’s Day. She fell in love with you because when you woke up in the morning, you said, ”Good morning” to her before you checked your phone. And when you went to the fridge to get yourself a drink, you got her one without even asking. .You sat and listened to her awful day and you didn't say a thing about your amazing day. This is why she fell in love with you. It was no particular thing you did. It was the accumulation of all those little things. It is not about event, it is not about intensity. It is all about the consistency.”

Going through his words, you would definitely feel inspired and the answer to your question is quite simple. Make her feel about what she means to you.  For me, the answer from the eminent scholar seems correct, what about you can share the reviews in comment section.


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