Writing Apps To Make You A Better Scribbler



The world is getting digital and so the writing is. Everyone wants to express themselves and sometimes, pictures and videos cannot explain the full depth of your expressions. That’s why we still hold onto to “words” for explaining our foremost feelings, making them more impactful with the help of photos and videos.

That’s how people do blogging and dive deep into their interest area. Below are some apps that will assist you finding a writer’s corner in you and will help you groom it for better storytelling. Who knows, if your story becomes one of the most inspiring ones, if woven with the right and fitting words!


1. Scrivener


The app is conceptualized and built by some writers for the word savvy people and is probably the easiest thing in existence. You are midway on your book or screenplay, and you just need your words to be rearranged and published in the most effective way, which this app provides. It is quite addictive for all the good reasons.


2. OmmWriter


Coming with its soothing and calming backgrounds and mesmerizing soundtracks, OmmWriter is exclusively for people who don’t want interrupt their impactful words with any other distractions like formatting. Just core writing!


3. WordPress


WordPress is the platform to start your write up, which is creating a blog. This amazing thing is made to fill the gap between your “desires to be a writer” and “called a writer.”


4. iaWriter


Now, here comes the app, which does HTML formatting for you. So, you just repose and write, write and write!


5. GoogleDocs


Of course, if you write, you will need an editor. Google Docs is just too fitting to avoid. Rely on Google Docs, just start collaborating and get rid of scattered file all over your different folders.

Try on these amazing writing assistants and let us know how much they helped you in serving your passion for writing.


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