These 10 Best Qualities Which Only A Rajasthani Girl Can Sustain


Coming from the state of royals and rituals, it’s hard to find a replica of personality which Rajasthani girls carry. If you have ever visited Rajasthan, you must have experienced the hues of its generous hospitality culture. The girls here represent the feminine part of this colourful state.

Of course, the language is honey-sweet and the outlook of people here is quite graceful, especially for their guests. If you accidently met those magical eye glances with a Rajasthani girl, do not pay much attention to just their over-orthodox disposition because there is a lot more to fall for them.

Below are some of the qualities that these homely girls carry which you will also agree upon (eventually!).


1. They are inevitably great cooks


It’s near to impossible to get that unbeatable combination of nutrition and taste in any other traditional state cuisine which you can get from the home cooked Rajasthani food. These girls have a unique way with kitchen ingredients and know exactly how to bring the best flavours possible anytime, anywhere.


2. Girls with real business sense

Rajasthani GirlRef

They see almost everything around in terms of weights and volumes, which make them good in handling money splurging and ultimately they are the girls with business IQ.


3. They understand that foodie in you because they are also the one

Rajasthani GirlRef

Not only they are great with putting the kitchen ingredients together proportionally; they are not among the ones who will unnecessarily starve themselves. This concludes that they can definitely take care of themselves!


4. They know so much about carrying traditional attires


Of course, they appear truly natural with lehenga choli, not only that, but donning a salwar suit also will never bother them (like literally!).

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5. Running totally out of cash is not their way of dealing with life


Consider yourself utterly lucky, if you ever get along with a Rajasthani miss, especially when you frequently face cash inflow crises.


6. Totally a family girl

Rajasthani GirlRef

I know, this sounds little cliché to mention, but Indian families often end up being clichéd when your “actual time” comes. Because she has got that inherent style of nice behaviours, it is needless to say that your parents will just love her!


7. Colourful and festive girl

Rajasthani GirlRef

There will not be any single month of the year when you will not sense a special charm on her face, because they value almost every festival, which brings some off-center yet delicious sweets’ varieties (all home cooked).


8. And of course, she can speak that cute Marwari language


Try having a Marwari conversation with her and you will feel a lot adored and respected than ever.


9. She is like some energy-house which moves flawlessly


Rajasthani ladies maintain everything around flawlessly (from cleaning the house to being smart-mouths) while looking elegantly beautiful.


10. Rajasthani weddings aka royal treatment


If you are lucky enough to marry a Rajasthani girl (because of their invincible caste system), you will not feel any less than receiving a knighthood.

Rajasthani weddings are worth remembering!

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