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Kodi Ramamurthy Naiduvia

Prof Ramamurthy, also known as Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu, is an Indian bodybuilder. He has an excellent reputation in the world of professional wrestling. He is a native of the Andhra Pradesh state township of Veeraghattam in the Srikakulam district.


Early Life Of The Famous Wrestler

Wrestler Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu

In 1882, Kodi was born in Veeraghattam, Andhra Pradesh. However, he lost his biological mother when he was just a young child. As a youngster, he spent most of his time outdoors and showed an acute interest in gymnastics and physical activity. The person was not concerned much about his education and was constantly. Kodi fought with his parent’s over them and his future as an adult.


Kodi Ramammurthy First Performance In Madras

In the year 1911, Kodi migrated to Madras, India, where he gave a performance in front of an audience. The members were composed of executives from the administration and displayed his muscular physique. First, he performed the act of shattering the chains of iron tied around his chest just by contracting his abdominal muscles. Then, he took an elephant stomp against his body.


Circus Organization Changed The Career Of The Wrestler

Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu Statue

With the assistance of his companion Potti Panthulu, he established a circus organization in Vizianagaram. His extraordinary acts drew admirers from every corner of the whole country. He would exhale a deep breath and flex his skeletal system to release the metal band that was connected to his chest. For example, he took an elephant and then held it there for five minutes.

Kodi began giving numerous concerts across the nation. Viceroy Lord Minto challenged him as a worker. He was one of those whom he had caught the notification of. He held a Viceroy’s car with iron chains to show his power as a law enforcement officer endeavored. But he failed to move the automobile forwards. 


Ramamurthy Loved His Nation 

As a result of this, his surname quickly became popular with tourists. He danced for nationalist leader Madan Mohan Malaviya during an Indian National Congress event. And it appears that Malaviya assisted him in traveling to London to exhibit his musical abilities. He fought against the English colonial stereotype. It said that Indian men were weaker than British men throughout their entire life.

Ramamurthy gathered tribal youths against the British authorities after being drawn to the liberation campaign by B Chandrayya Naidu. On Vishakapatnam’s Beach Road exists a monument of himself. The Kodi Ramamurthy Stadium bears the initials of his name.

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