These Are The World’s Weirdest Museums – No. 4 Is Hilariously And Creepy

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Museums are those places where some collection of a particular type is assembled at one place. But there are few places all over the world where people collect all interesting objects and construct a museum for them. Such weird Museums all over the world are many in number and most of us are unaware of these. So, here is the collection of 12 Weirdest Museums ever, all over the world.


1. Museum of Bad Art: USA

Weirdest museums

This museum comes up with a thought of collecting 600 ugliest arts ever created. This is a proud collection of those arts, on witnessing gives a great feeling for any visitor. It is situated adjacent to the walls of a toilet in Massachusetts Basement. One shouldn’t miss this art: “Lucy in the field with flowers,” a true icon depicting a seemingly floating septuagenarian amongst a slowly swaying field of blossoms.


2. Museum of Food Anomalies: At your Own Place


This is the only museum in this list where one can witness this weird museum online. It is an online museum and not situated anywhere in the world, which defines its weirdness in many aspects. This is food museum which is a collection many anomalies of food items naturally formed in the shape of some known object. This concept was developed by an enthusiast in Los Angles.


3. The Dog Collar Museum: Great Britain

Weirdest Museums

The Museum provides us the collection of all the paraphernalia of dogs. i.e. It is a collection of various miscellaneous equipment used for dogs since many years. It also entertains all the latest advancements taken place when we compare how their equipment got evolved from times.


4. The Phallological Museum: Iceland

Weirdest museums

This is probably the only museum of its kind. It is a collection of all kinds of “phallic specimens” i.e. the collection of all kinds of Male Sex Organs. The penises of around 276 kinds of living beings (Male) in the world is the basic source of this museum. The size of the collection ranges from the tiniest hamster member (2 mm) to the colossal private parts of a sperm whale (1.7 m).