Check Out The World’s Longest Car Which Has 26 Wheels And Many Other Features

Longest car in the world via

4. A Huge Car

Longest car

People could finish their morning walk after having a round of this car because its length was 100 meters. And a round of it would be 200 meters which is one’s walk distance. Also, American Dream Limousine operated on 26 wheels!


5. Partition Between Driver And Passenger

Longest car

In this car, there was a partition between the driver and the passengers. Even after being in the same car, the driver and passengers were quite apart.


6. Not In A Good Condition Now

World's longest car Present condition

However, due to the lack of maintenance in the current period, its condition is poor. This car has long been lying in a warehouse in New Jersey. Due to lack of maintenance, it has become shabby. Its windows and ceilings have broken. Now American Dream is all set to restore.

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