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Sometimes the job time seems like a struggle for us. Moreover, it is really hard to resist the impulse to get back to comfort zone. Furthermore, we wish life would be easy if the working hours were less or if we would be living in a different country which provides less working hours. We all know different country has different working hours, so today we have brought you 10 countries and the number of hours they work for.


1. Pakistan- 8 Hours

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We all know that Pakistan had implemented a lot of Indian laws. Likewise India, Pakistan put 8 hours in work. There is 1 weekly holiday and 14 public holidays to make the work little bit easier.


2. Cameroon- 10 Hours

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After knowing about the law in Cameroon, you will never complain about your 8 hour shift. Undoubtedly, we should be thankful that India does not follow the 10 working hour law.


3. Sweden- 6 Hours

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Unlike Cameroon, Sweden is the place of interest for the people who find the 8 hour shift boring in India.


4. Italy- 8 Hours

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Italy invests 8 hours in working. However, the routine is a bit complex as the work is divided into 2 periods, first 9 am to 1 pm and the second starts at 2:30 pm and ends at 6 pm. The only good thing about the Italian law is that you get two holidays in a week.


5. Belgium- 7 Hours

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The rule is applied to most of the companies, from Monday to Friday and only 7 hours. On top of that, one hour of lunch is included in the office time.


6. Denmark- 6 Hours

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The people in Denmark have to work only 6 hours a day. Additionally, it seems the most pleasant one. However, you have to offer your service for 41 hours in a week. Apart from it, there is special privilege for the women and they have to work for only 35 hours in a week.


7. Saudi Arabia- 10 Hours

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Saudi Arabia is known for its strict law facilities. Hence, the people have to give daily 10 hours in work there. Unquestionably, you do not want to leave an Indian office to work there.


8. Israel- 7 Hours

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The work days are quite different in Israel as there you have to work from Sunday to Thursday. The Friday and Saturday are the holidays. Pursuing this further, they have to work for only 7 hours in a day.


9. Germany- 7 Hours

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Germany is not that much obsessed with working overtime policies. According to their law, the average working hours are 35 in a week which make it 7 hours in a day.


10. Spain- 9 Hours

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Working in Spain is not easy for the likes of us as the people have to give 9 hours to work. Pursuing this further, there are just 14 public holidays in a year.

So, are you happy with your working hours now? Share your thoughts in comment box. There aew few liveable cities where living is just awesome, check them here.

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