Top Comedians Of TV Shows And Their Extortionate Earnings

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The comedy shows defined the comedy in a new way. With a mixture of stand up and scripted comedy, they are alluring millions of people all across the country. Undoubtedly, it is not easy to make someone laugh. Hence, the comedians are being paid a huge amount per episode. So, let us a take a look at the top comedians of TV Shows and the amount they make per episode.


1. Ali Asgar

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Ali Asgar has been entertaining us since last 2 decades. Furthermore, he never misses the chance to bring the smiles on our faces. He did remarkable work in “Comedy Nights With Kapil”, that boosted his popularity and now he charge 5 to 7 lakh rupees per episode.


2. Kiku Sharda

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Kiku is also known as “Palak”, the character he used to play in “Comedy Nights With Kapil”. Apart from that, he got huge attention for his comic timing in “FIR”. Likewise Ali Asgar, he is now one of the top comedians in TV shows and he charge 5-7 lakh rupees per episode.


3. Sudesh Lehri

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Sudesh is one of the best comedians of this era. That superb timing and the funny expression display his adroitness. Apart from the comedy shows, Sudesh has worked in few movies. Sudesh charges 6-7 lakh per episode.


4. Sunil Grover

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Sunil Grover is arguably the best comedian. He won millions of heart with his role of “Gutthi” and “Dr. Gulati” in “Comedy Nights With Kapil” and “The Kapil Sharma Show” respectively. Moreover, he charges 8-10 lakh per episode.


5. Bharti Singh

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Bharti Singh used her physical features and made light hearted comedy from them. This made her insanely famous and now she is one of the top comedians in TV shows. Keeping her popularity in the mind, she charges 25-30 lakh per episode. Apart from it, she charges 15 lakh for a live event.


6. Krushna Abhishek

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He is an excellent dancer but he achieved stardom because of his comic skills. The popular comedian charges a whooping amount of 35-40 lakh per episode. Moreover, he charges 15 lakhs for live events.


7. Kapil Sharma

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Kapil Sharma has redefined comedy and changed the prejudice of the society about the comedians. The comedians are no longer underpaid artists. To conclude, the ultra popular Kapil Sharma charges 70-85 lakh per show. According to recent reports, Kapil has signed a 110 crore yearly deal with Sony TV.

The amount is quite surprising. Isnt it? Tell us your thoughts. Want to know the highest paid actress in the world, check them here.

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