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Wine o’ Clock: Check Out The Best Time To Drink Wine

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Have you ever heard about the phrase wine o’ clock? In 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary recognized this phrase and defined it as the right moment to drink wine. So whenever you feel the perfect time to grab a wine glass and pour that vino of yours into it, you may say, “it’s wine o’ clock, babe.” The question is when is the healthiest wine o’clock? Check it out here.


Before Meals

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If you’re aiming for a successful weight loss, don’t drink wine before your meals. Studies show that drinking wine before eating meals can increase one’s appetite and, hence, lead to more food intake. Hence, save your Riesling or Sokolin Australian Wines during meals.

Also, divide a glass of wine into two serving with three ounces each if you like cooking and drinking at once. Another reason why you should drink after meals is to feel lesser alcohol effects, especially when your stomach is already full.


Not Too Much At Late Nights

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Sure, drinking can help you fall asleep. Wines react to our bodies the same as how carbohydrates do. Carbohydrates increase our body’s uptake of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is a  precursor to melatonin, which is our sleep hormones.

In a nutshell, theoretically, eating carbs increases one’s serotonin level. Then, this serotonin will be converted to melatonin, which will help you to have a healthy sleep at night. On the other hand, if you sleep at 12:00 midnight, studies show that you should resist from eating or drinking anything after 8:00-8:30 pm, including wines.

Our bodies have lower demands of carbohydrates at night, so excess calories are likely to be stored, which can cause weight gain, spike insulin level up, and eventually negatively affect your sleep.


Early Pregnancy, According To Studies

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It’s medically right not to drink any alcohol while being pregnant because of the risks of irreversible, long-term fetal alcohol syndrome. This condition occurs when a pregnant woman drinks excessive alcohol, which causes premature birth of babies.

A potentially life-threatening pre-eclampsia may also happen, in which a woman will develop high blood pressure during pregnancy. Although wines contain resveratrol that can help lower blood pressure, they are still considered as alcohol so pretty much they’re not exempted, according to studies.

However, Harvard Health Publishing stated that there is no adequate medical evidence that claims strict abstinence from alcohol should be applied by pregnant women during their pregnancy. Many studies claimed that low consumption of alcohol during the first three months did not affect the child’s development. In this regard, the amount is the key.


One Hour (At Least) After A HIIT Session

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There are many studies circulating about when to head for a hooch after working out. Many fitness enthusiasts would recommend avoiding alcohol at all while in the training period. According to many studies, alcohol, including wines, tends to impact protein synthesis negatively. During this process, one’s muscles are growing and repairing.

What’s more, medical researches show that alcohol can decrease your blood, contain negative cardiovascular implications, kill brain cells, and disrupt sleep. Among all, sleep is what you need more when recovering after working out. Plus, many studies also show that alcohol decreases HGH or human growth hormones, which is necessary for building muscles.

People who are working out will typically make micro-tears in their muscles, which will repair and grow by themselves and eventually make the person stronger. Now, if you’re swigging liquor after a workout, you’ll likely end up counteracting your hard work and not recovering from the training.

Experts claim to wait for at least an hour after working out and not straight away. The hour after you finish training is the most critical period of recovering. Instead, try to fuel up, replenish electrolytes, and rehydrate first. If you’re planning to hang out with your friends on a Friday night, it’s recommended to workout at noon.


Before Exams

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The National Institue of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism explained that alcohols tend to impair our memories right after a few drinks, depending on a person’s tolerance. This impairment gradually increases when a person drinks more. That’s why we tend to forget what happened during a hangout after we got drank.

Nevertheless, recent studies show that alcohol can help people store the new information they learned while they are still sober. The more a person drinks, the more information that he or she can recall prior to alcohol use.

A theory explained that our hippocampus—the brain part that’s essential in memorizing—tend to switch consolidating memories, which transfer short memory into a longer-term one. That means during a post-study drinking session, the hippocampus has nothing to encode, so it encodes older information instead. Hence, we can say that drinking the night before an examination will help you recall what you’ve studied.

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