An Advocate Wife Fired From Revolver To Save Her Husband From Goons In Lucknow, Check Video


The state of Uttar Pradesh still seems to be a dangerous place to live in. People are getting beat up in broad daylight without any intervention from the police like what happened today to Abid Ali. This time an incident occurred in Lucknow, a capital of Uttar Pradesh where few goons beat down a person outside his home. Whatever happened next is like a film story but fortunately, it is a real story.

Read in many stories, seen in many films that women can go up to extreme if their husband is in trouble. The same thing has been proved once again and this time its an advocate wife.

Police watched as a person was beat up

A group of rowdies on Sunday beat up a local resident named Abid Ali ruthlessly outside his residence in the Kakori police station area of Lucknow. He was dragged out of his home and attacked with weapons too.

Footage of a man getting beat up Wife Lucknow

The one who came to the rescue of the victim was not a police, but his wife who works as an advocate. Fortunately, her wife came to rescue with a revolver. She fired a shot from a revolver which made goons run away. She open fires a revolver at the goons to rescue her husband from them. Following this, the goons threatened the couple and fled. The victim suffered serious injuries on his back, arms, and head. All these shenanigans were captured on CCTV camera. Have a look at the footage:

When the police were informed, officials initially made attempts to underplay the issue, saying it was a scuffle between a landlord and a tenant. But when the issue reached the Senior Superintendent of Police, the cops got in action and registered an FIR. People are not safe anywhere nowadays, that especially applies to celebrities. A Pakistani theatre actress named Sumbal Khan was shot to death inside of her house. Have a look at what really happened!