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Who Is Shrishti Sharma? Limbo Skater, Entered The Guinness Book Of World Records

Shrishti Sharma Limbo Skater Recordvia

The Guinness World Record is a British, annually published book. It records the highest achievements in an extensive range of fields. Entering the prestigious book is an overwhelming feeling of pride and honor. Shrishti Sharma, an Indian limbo skater, has etched the book again this year by breaking her record of 7.38 seconds set in 2021. Continue to learn more about Shrishti Sharma.


Who Is Shrishti Sharma?

Shrishti Sharma

Born in 2004 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Shrishti has now established herself in the world of roller skating. She started skating at the tender age of six and immediately fell in love with the sport! At the age of eight, Sharma began to participate in limbo skating tournaments. She accomplished her first Guinness World Record title for the lowest limbo skating at eleven. The record still remains unbroken to date. Today she is one of the best limbo skaters across the globe. She has now won many regional, national, and international tournaments. The list includes the Asian limbo skating championship held in 2021 and the world limbo skating championship born in 2019. She is the perfect example of hard work, dedication, and passion for achieving excellence.


What Is Limbo Skating?

Limbo skating involves skaters passing a series of obstacles without touching them. To pass the challenges, athletes must spread their legs apart, likely into a full split, and lean their upper body forward. Advanced athletes play this sport.


How Did Shrishti Sharma Break The Records?

Shrishti Sharma Limbo Skater

Sharma skilfully passed 51 horizontal bars with her body just 30 cm above ground level; she was not allowed to touch the floor with her arms throughout the attempt. She set the world record by completing the challenge in an impressive time of 6.94 seconds. The record truly shows hard work, talent, and passion. Her commitment and dedication are worth applause as she inspires people to follow their passion and work harder in life.

Shrishti Sharma brings a moment of immense pride and joy to India and Indians across the globe. She is not only a well-deserved athlete but a passionate advocate for the Save a girl child humanitarian project. Her working for a meaningful cause is also a reason which makes her so special.

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