Watch: Specially-Abled Nagpur Man Selling Samosas To Fulfill His Dream Of Becoming An IAS

Specially-Abled Nagpur Man Selling Samosas

There’s a proverb that goes, “If you have a passion for learning, you will never stop growing”. We agree with this. We can clearly remember ourselves as kids, constantly eager to learn more and achieve our goals. Additionally, our growth and motivation to grow even more are driven by this enthusiasm for education. There is one such person whose commitment to pursuing education to become an IAS is currently trending online. This specially-abled Nagpur man selling samosas is going viral. Here is all the information you require.


Specially-Abled Nagpur Man Selling Samosas To Fulfill His Dream Of Become An IAS

Specially-Abled Nagpur Man Selling Samosas

You may have read many stories of street food vendors battling all obstacles to survive. You will, however, be moved by this tale. In Nagpur, there is a specially-abled man who is intelligent and speaks English. However, he’s using his wheelchair to sell samosas. He also wants to pursue IAS and hasn’t given up on his aspirations yet. The man is selling samosas to fund his education. Gaurav Wasan, a food blogger, met the man in Nagpur. He was also chatting warmly with Suraj, the food vendor.


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Meanwhile, the food blogger posted the video on his Instagram. The caption of the post says

“IAS ki padhai ke lie bechte hain samosa. Let’s help him.”

In addition, Suraj admits to the blogger that he did his BSc from Nagpur University during their conversation. He was unable to land a good job, however. To get some money, he decided to sell samosas. He charges INR 15 for two warm samosas with fried green chilies and onion wedges. He works from 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM.


Netizens’ Reaction On The Viral Video

Nagpur Man Selling Samosas

The video continues to capture viewers’ hearts. Additionally, it is shattering all previous viewing records. Many individuals also wrote supportive comments on the post. Some of them are also expressing that they wish to help the man financially. Here are some of the comments:

“Disability apko independent hona sekhati hai. More power to him.”

“Not letting his disability affect his aspirations, a true inspiration.”

“Great job”

“Main salute karta hun Bhai ki mehnat ko.”

“Good inspiration, God bless you.”

Nagpur Man Selling Samosas

Everyone sees a dream but very few can convert it into a strong desire to fulfill it. Additionally, if you have such strong willpower and strong passion, you can overcome any obstacles in your life. We’re sure this story has touched your heart too.

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