Who Is Praveen Nettaru’s Wife, Nutan Kumari? Why Did Karnataka Government Withdraw Her Appointment?

Praveen Nettaru Wife Nutan Kumari Karnatakavia

The newly formed Congress government in Karnataka has removed Nutan Kumari, the wife of late BJP activist Praveen Kumar Nettaru, from government service in the Dakshina Kannada district. Nutan Kumari, the wife of a late BJP leader, had been granted a contract-based Group C position in former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s office. However, the new Congress administration has revoked this appointment order.

Karnataka BJP made a statement,

“Due to the communal hatred of PFI, a terrorist organization nurtured by the Congress party has removed the wife of Praveen Nettaru from service. Our government had provided the job of DC of Mangalore to the wife of Praveen Nettaru, who was killed by the PFI goons. It is condemnable.”


 Nutan Kumari Rejection

Praveen Nettaru

According to reports cited by the news agency IANS, it is typical for temporary employees to be asked to leave when the government changes, and no special accommodations will be provided for Nutan Kumari. Praveen Kumar Nettaru, Nutan Kumari’s spouse, was tragically murdered in a hacking incident on July 26, 2022. The case is currently being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Praveen Nettaru wife nutan

Initial investigations indicated that Nettaru’s death was the consequence of a revenge killing. In connection with the incident, the NIA has arrested more than ten people, including three assailants.

Following Nettaru’s death, activists launched a social media campaign pressing the old Bommai government to hire Nutan Kumari. According to IANS, the BJP also reportedly built a residence for Nettaru’s family.

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