Who Is Kelly Inglis Kelly? Taylor Swift Defends A Fan From The Guard During ‘Bad Blood’ At Her Eras Tour

Kelly Inglis Kelly Taylor Swift Eras Tour

The well-known performer Taylor Swift rules the music industry and the affection of many people. In addition to her diverse music production, she is renowned for fiercely defending and adoring her followers. The passionate artist has a history of speaking up for her supporters and herself.

Taylor has frequently been spotted going above and above for her followers to express her love and admiration for them. So be prepared to receive it back from Taylor Swift if you ever intend to play tricks on her followers.

On May 13, while performing at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, Taylor Swift shielded a fan from a security guard. Kelly Inglis Kelly, the fan, has now praised the musician for standing by her and giving her protection.


What Actually Happened?

Taylor Swift

On Saturday night, the 33-year-old artist was performing at Lincoln Financial Field as part of her ‘Eras’ Tour when she interrupted mid-song to denounce a security officer who was reportedly ‘harassing’ a group of fans.

“She’s fine! She wasn’t doing anything! Stop,” Swift yelled.

The Baltimore, Maryland native fan has now appeared on stage to share her experience and express her gratitude to Swift for standing by her.

Here’s a video clip from the concert:


The Fan Explains The Incident

Kelly Inglis Kelly On Tour

In a TikTok video, Kelly Inglis Kelly stated:

“Ok, I was the girl that Taylor talked to last night. Basically, the guard had been, like, harassing our group all night… he just kept telling us not to touch the rail and every time we did anything, he was like, on top of us.”

“We’re dancing, having fun, he didn’t like it, and Taylor noticed that I was having fun and that he didn’t like it, and she didn’t like it, and then he basically, like, got escorted out, and then they offered us free tickets for tonight.”


Kelly Inglis Kelly Feels Grateful

Taylor Swift Kelly Inglis Kelly
Nicolle Bradford Twitter

Following the event, a fan named Kelly Inglis Kelly posted a video thanking Taylor Swift for protecting her.

“The fact that you did that for me last night, and you stood up for me, meant so, so, so, so much and like, I can’t even explain, like, you did that for me and for your fans, and if there’s anything I know about you, you just want your fans to go to the show and have fun, and that’s all we were doing,” she said.

“It truly, truly meant so much to us that you did that and to everybody. That you would stop to say something, and it was my 13th show, on the 13th, and I just feel like it was really cool,” continued.

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