Who Is Judy Austin? Why Is She Criticized For Grieving Over Yul Edochie’s Son?

Judy Austinvia

Nigerian star Yul Edochie’s second spouse, Judy Austin, has been under fire for grieving the actor’s son. On March 30, Yul’s son passed away from a seizure he had while practicing football with his classmates at school.

Judy responded to Kambi Yul-Edochie’s passing on March 30 by saying that God is aware of the cause of his unexpected death. She posted a candle on her Instagram profile while praying for Kambi Yul-Edochie to rest in God’s presence in heaven.

“God is the wisest. Rest with God in Heaven, dear son. Kambi Yul-Edochie,” wrote Judy.


People Reacting

Judy Austin

However, it didn’t sit comfortably with most social media viewers, who condemned Judy for being insensitive to the family during their difficult time.

Some social media users criticized her post as unneeded and asked why she had made it. However, others defended her, saying there was nothing inappropriate with her choice to lament her husband’s deceased kid.

Take a look at how people react:

@_itseazzzy: “Hmm, this Judy Auston lady… It’s like she posted to mock May’s son being dead because I don’t get why you would make a condolence post for somebody who you weren’t even close to.

Queen Corah:” Leave from in this woman business, meh. A mother is grieving her child and you over her posting it, knowing you have also caused her pain.

@Sholawa: “This Judy Austin lady seems to either like being dragged or enjoy the attention.

“That post was unnecessary. The child’s mother hasn’t said a word, yet look at you on Instagram posting about her son.”

Sandra:” Honestly, I think you should leave that woman and everything that has to do with her. Leave her child alone. It’s not the right time.”

@KingANAD: You must be stupid to drag Judy Austin just because she mourns her husband’s child.


Celebs Attacking Judy

Yul Edochie’s second wife, Judy Austin, has come under harsh criticism from legendary Nigerian actress Georgina Onuoha. After posting on social media to express her sorrow on the passing of Kambilichukwu, the first son of her elder wife, May Yul-Edochie, Judy triggered an online discussion.

She claims the deceased youngster was a son whose parents’ house she vandalized and damaged. Georgina continued, saying that Judy was full of sh*t and needed to learn a lesson in life.

In a following tweet, Georgina expressed her dissatisfaction and noted that only a wench would have the audacity to commit such a “level of stupidity.”

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