Who Is Actress Prakruti Mishra? Check Her Viral Video Trending On Social Media

Prakruti Mishra

Prakruti Mishra, an established Indian actress, has a lengthy history in the entertainment industry. She is going popular for her video, which is viral. The actress also garnered extra media attention once it was reported that she would be a Bigg Boss participant. Prakruti Mishra’s video has gone viral, and here are some further insights about the Bigg Boss contestant.

Prakruti Mishra is a well-known Indian actress who has been active in the entertainment business for quite some time. Mishra has been working in Bollywood since 2000. Mishra is famous for her roles in films like Sasughara Chalijibi, Bindas Romeo, Om Sai Ram, and many others. In addition, Prakruti has appeared in a number of music videos, including Deuchi Mo Ban Aakhi, Nagei De Bhogo, and Pyaasi Hai Rooh, in addition to movies and television programs. Read on to learn more.


Video Of Prakruti Mishra Has Gone Viral

Prakruti Mishra Actress

Prakruti is currently making waves due to a viral video. Prakruti Mishra’s video, according to many accounts, was circulated in WhatsApp groups.

However, the claim is false since multiple phony Twitter accounts have created fake videos in Mishra’s name. The videos appear to have been made with the goal of gaining more views and likes. Several of Prakruti Mishra’s supporters have claimed similarly that persons who dislike her circulated the films to target Mishra directly.

Her latest Instagram posts have gotten a lot of attention as well. Mishra’s clothes were criticized by the cyberpunk detectives. However, Mishra has demonstrated that she has ignored the rumors by staying mute on the subject.


Who Is Prakruti Mishra?

Prakruti Mishra Viral Video

28-year-old Prakruti Mishra was born on March 3, 1995, and her parents, Krushnapriya Mishra, reared her in Bhubaneswar, India. Manmath Mishra, her father, is a well-known Odia music director. She is the eldest of two children. Prakruti was educated at the Rama Devi Women’s College in Bhubaneswar for her college years.

Prakruti Mishra, an established actress, made her debut onscreen in 2000 with a role in Hari Bhai Harena. Mishra began to obtain additional projects after that. Prakruti has since acted in a slew of television shows and movies, including Tulasi, in which she played the lead role of Smruti. In 2020, she also participated in the online series Class of 2020. Similarly, Mishra finished fifth in the second season of MTV Ace Of Space. Mishra has received prizes for her multiple efforts.

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