Wheelchair Model Rajlakshmi S.J. Is All Set To Represent India In The Miss Wheelchair World Pageant

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There are many of us who think that life is not fair with us. Well, we should not be whining about it as there are many who ran through worst situation and they managed to keep their heads up. The Wheelchair model Rajlakshmi S.J. is one of the persons who set exemplary statements of success against all odds. Despite being bounded by wheelchair, the lady has achieved what we probably never will.


Not Only A Dentist But Much More

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She is a dentist. Moreover, she is an assistant professor. Furthermore, she is the chairperson of a charitable trust that helps the persons with disability. Apart from her trust, she conducts free dental checkup. She has proven that you can achieve anything whatever you want if you have the will.


Wheelchair Model

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She is also a wheelchair model and she was crowned Miss Wheelchair in 2014. Moreover, this year she is looking forward to defend her title. She will represent India in the contest this year on October 7, the pageant will be held in Poland. She follows a strict diet and goes through a disciplined routine to keep herself managed. Furthermore, she does proper care of her skin as she is passionate about modeling.


A Life changing Accident

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She was not a wheelchair bound right from the beginning. There was a time when she could walk. It all happened back in 2007 when she performed exceptionally well in the BDS exam and she was invited to Chennai to present a paper on National Conference. However, the things swung to the way that she never had imagined. She met with an accident. As she got her spine injured, she was not able to walk. Hence she had to rely on the wheelchair. But the wheelchair could not bind her spirits. Few inspiring stories are worth reading, check here.

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