Here Are 5 Creepily Weird Things Which Were Found In The Deepest Depths Of The Sea



If you think your world is filled with weirdos, you should take a cursory glance at the weirdest things that our humans have found at the deepest bottom out oceans. 


And to think we have not explored most of the ocean's secrets, just would gives us the creeps. 


1. Yonaguni Island, Japan.


This weird rock formation near  Yonaguni Island, Japan. It is nothing lesser than what you call  architectural oddities. Scientists are still pondering if they are man made or geological consequences.


2. Underwater City at  Gulf of Khambhat


This accidental discovery between what we now call as northwest India and Pakistan appears to be an entire city with well preserved artifacts and even human remains dating to 3000 BCE


3. Waterfall under Denmark Strait


This underwater waterfall is about 2000 times bigger than Niagara Falls and is the largest known waterfall to mankind.


4. City near Cuba


At about 2000 – 2500 ft deep, the city like geometrical structure near Cuba dates prior to 50,000 years. If they were proved to be man made, they would be the most technologically advanced structures of that time.


5. Cenote Angelita cave in Mexico


Named as most unusual dive site in the world, this cave has beautiful aquatic flora, shrubs and even trees alongside an underwater river at 90 feet below the sea level. But what makes it more mysterious is the river is actually an illusion caused by a cloud of hydrogen sulfide. And further 90 ft below the cloud lies in a river.


Well, you can say your ‘thanks’ to us for making you realize your world seem so much better!

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