12 Weird Things In America That Surprise The Tourists Visiting America

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Traveling to the USA is a dream of millions. However, there are many weird things that you will face there. Hence, today we have brought to 12 such weird things that you will witness in the USA.


1. Flags And Flags Everywhere

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From the ordinary flag to the print on clothes, you can see the American flag everywhere. The blue, red and white-colored flag is the favorite cloth design for Americans.


2. The Price Tag Does Not Include Tax

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It is general advice to know about the total amount you have to pay while buying something. Undoubtedly, this can cause misunderstanding sometimes.


3. Tipping Is Customary Duty

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It is a customary duty to offer a tip for someone providing you services. It is something that you do not see in India.


4. Drugs Ads

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One of the weirdest things you will find there are advertisements for prescription drugs. Apart from it, you will also find a huge number of ads to flash the side effect of the drugs.


5. Dr. And Lawyers Ads

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No matter, which road you are choosing, you will definitely find it filled with the Ads of the lawyers and doctors. Moreover, you can find the name and contact details of helpful lawyers and doctors from any subway.


6. All The Currency Notes Are Identical To Each Other

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You should be careful when you are paying because you can end up giving a $100 bill instead of $1. Since the currency is identical, you should check the note twice while paying in the dim light.


7. The Different States Different Law

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The law and order vary from state to state. There are a lot of things that one state would have allowed but the other state would have prohibited. Moreover, there are different laws for different traffic signals too. Some of them may allow you to bust a right turn, however, some may not.


8. Huge Gaps In The Bathroom Door

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This is one of the weird things that will make you WTF? The most private place has no sense of privacy there.


9. Ice In Water No Matter How The Weather Is

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It is pleasant in summers but there is no need for ice in the winter season.


10. Shower Heads That Cannot Be Adjusted

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No matter what your height is, the shower heads are fixed and you cannot move them according to your pleasantness.


11. Air Conditioned Everywhere

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This can be torturous in the winter season.


12. Size Of Cars

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The cars are gigantic here. They are 3-4 times in size if we compare them to Tata Nano.

Which one is the weirdest according to you? Share your thoughts.


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